Terry Stallwood

Real Estate Investor | Coach | Author

Terry Stallwood is an international Real Estate Investor and successful coach. A natural-born teacher, Terry started in Southern Ontario, just 3 days out of high school, when he first got a carpenter apprenticeship. Five years later Terry started his own business doing home renovations, building new homes. Few years latter Terry decided to work with his dad and grandfather in the family owned dealership. Five years later Terry was name General Manager. After 10 years Terry when back to his passion for real Estate and became the third owner of a real estate development company. They we’re buying properties, fixing and flipping, and that was probably the beginning of Terry flipping stage. That was in, the early eighties. Terry did that for quite a few years. Then he moved to Northern Ontario and bought a resort, run it for 5 years. He thought, basically that he would be retired doing this. Owning a resort is huge work. It was nothing near retirement. After 5 years of that, Terry was burnt out, and got out of that. Terry started house construction again, fixing, buying selling, flipping. He bought an apartment block and just went from there.

Today Terry has over 45 years of experience as a contractor, realtor and investor. He owns revenue property in Winnipeg, Florida, Las Vegas and Honduras. He is also a Red Seal carpenter and mentors and coaches students how to find their own real estate opportunities.  Terry still love doing flipping and buying but he is having more fun with training, mentoring and showing other people how to do this and make a living at it.

Terry love to do many joint venture partnering. That’s part of helping someone learn how to do it, is partner up with him or her and totally show him or her right through the whole thing on how to do it. It makes it easier than just trying to talk to somebody and tell him or her how to do it. If you can actually buy a place, have them hands on, Terry go through the whole thing from start to finish with his student partners. That way they really learn how to do it. It’s not anything like a theoretical classroom scenario. It’s actually hands on. Terry is always looking for a new deal, new students to mentor and coach and new JV partners to invest with.